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Sanitation & Hygiene Education

Lack of sanitation facilities and poor hygiene behaviour practiced by young children and adults is greatly affecting the health situation of people especially in the rural villages. This is purely due to lack of awareness among our target people about importance of sanitation and hygiene. In order to generate awareness on best practices of sanitation and hygiene HELP FOUNDATION imparts education in schools, colleges and rural communities aiming at creating behavior change among our target population.

The contents covered in the education are personal hygiene, environment hygiene, sanitation, dental hygiene, nutritional hygiene are inculcated through lectures, discussions, street theatre and distribution of hand outs communicating sanitation and hygiene. Demonstrations are also made on the right use of sanitary latrine to rural communities. These programmes are regularly conducted in the operational areas of HELP FOUNDATION on the basis of emerging needs. These programmes are monetarily supported by the District Rural Development Agency (DRDA) in respective District.

Construction of Sanitary Latrine

Construction of Sanitary Latrine

Most of the households in our operational area lack sanitary latrine facility in their house. It may be due to lack of awareness or their poverty situation prevents them from having one on their own. Many of the households do not know to use sanitary latrine. Community sanitary latrine is either not available or unfunctional or padlocked in many villages. Hence open defecation is still in practice and this tends to affect community health status.

In order to end this open defecation practice in rural villages, HELP FOUNDATION started imparting education on the ill effects of open defecation. Simultaneously best practices of sanitary latrine use and hand wash are demonstrated in rural communities. Best hygienic practices are also communicated to the general public, adolescents and young people in academic institutions.

In addition to these HELP FOUNDATION constructed household sanitary latrine to individual households in the districts such as Perambalur, Theni and Dindugal Districts along with the support of District Rural Development Agency (DRDA). So far HELP FOUNDATION has constructed more than 10,000 household sanitary latrine.

Apart from this HELP FOUNDATION has also been instrumental in constructing Community Latrine Complexes in many rural villages. HELP FOUNDATION has also constructed Sanitary Latrine Complexes to schools where no sanitary latrine complex prevails.

Nirmal Gram Puraskar

Nirmal Gram Puraskar

HELP FOUNDATION was identified by the Department of Drinking Water Supply, Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India to make state wide field verification of applicant gram panchayath, block panchayats and district for the NIRMAL GRAM PURASKAR Award in India. Nirmal Gram Puraskar is a prestigious National Award delivered by the President of India to all Gram Panchayath, Block Panchayath and Districts demonstrating best sanitation and hygiene practices. HELP FOUNDATION successfully completed the field verification and survey for Kerala, Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Maharastra and supported the Government of India in identification of right recipient for the prestigious award.

Nirmal Gram Puraskar

Resources Centre

HELP FOUNDATION is managing a resources centre exclusively to stimulate the grassroots initiatives through providing technical support to NGOs and Corporate sector. HELP FOUNDATION maintains professional relationship with NGOs and has been assisting them in terms of rendering quality services. Our resources centre has expertise in social work research, survey, data analysis, report preparation, process monitoring & evaluation, capacity building, project formulation and resources mobilisation. Our resources centre has adequate manpower and necessary infrastructure to conduct all types of survey and data collection works in all states in India.